One of the perks of living here by the Mediterranean sea is the great coast line. Drive north or south, you will find beautiful spots that are there to take your breath away. Some friends of ours have summer houses in Costa Brava and we decided to take a break from busy Barcelona and breath a little. Summer has already arrived here and one hour drive up the coast is exactly what we need.
IMG_4169Platja d’Aro

Calella de Palafrugell


Have a nice day, besos!


We decided to rent a car for this easter, drive down the coast to Valencia and check it out. We been here a while now and barely stepped outside of Barcelona, figured it was about time. We just wanted to get out of Barcelona for a change and relax! The drive took about 3h, 1 pit stop and a couple of playlists.

We arrived at the hotel with a great rooftop with pool at the perfect hour for some tanning, later we had booked a table at a Michelin Star restaurant, Riff. Valencia is an amazing city and can definitely recommend a visit here!

11096840_10153322019012652_1592378822_nGetting ready for dinner
Some happy faces after the meal


Touristing a little
11149170_10153322019047652_1068421694_nValencia by night

On the way home we decided to be a bit rebellious, turned off the GPS, got a little lost and see where the roads led us. We found this perfect, hidden place in the middle of no where. One of the many perks of living by the Spanish coast is this! If you don’t know where you’re going, you will get there at some point!

11119804_10153322019062652_1406908424_n11130702_10153322019067652_1947632998_nL’Ametlla de Mar

It was a perfect get-away to relax, explore and with the best company.

Hasta luego, S


Busy, busy, busy..that is a lame excuse, so let’s change it into prioritize, prioritize, prioritize instead!
What I am trying to say is that Ann and I have been prioritizing different lately and that has made us too occupied to update here. Anyways, we’re back!

Let’s start with the biggest event so far for the both of us here in Bcn, we just moved to our own place! Gosh, apartment-hunting is a pain, but it is finally over! Cozy, refurbished, 2 bedrooms in the middle of the city, 2 min walk to Paseo de Gracia and my office (fortunate for me :D), everything is starting to fall into place.
Pues, a new apartment is not just all bliss and peace, moving all the stuff that I have managed to accumulate during the last year, the cleaning and not to mention THE trip to Ikea! It is quite stressfull, costly, tiresome, but I think we’re finally in a good place and all this effort and money spent was all worth it!
Ann and I have been living together in the past and we have (almost in a creepy way ) the same mindset. I believe this will work at just perfect and can’t ask for a better “roommate”.



Saludos, S



Like I mentioned before, we like to dine out once in a while. Yesterday we landed on Indian cuisine and OMG; how good it was! There are two types of food; The type that is good, you eat and get full – DONE, and then there are the types that are so amazing, you eat till you’re full, but you can’t stop eating and keep going until you just want to explode! The last one mentioned, THAT type!
Good atmosphere, service and authentic Indian, worth a visit!

Restaurant: Bembì – Consell de Cent, 377

2015/01/img_4482.jpgI really recommend spinach dishes! 

Besos, S


Let me just start off by wishing you all a great 2015 and hope everybody had a great Christmas – home with friends and family or anywhere else with joy!

This year has started with a lot of exciting changes and events keeping us too busy to update anything. Christmas Holidays spent in Norway, Ann finally packing her bags and moving, visitors from Sweden, NYE and a trip to London for the “Wanderlusters”. I will try to briefly summarize below.
Like they say; A picture is worth a thousand words 😉


Christmas Eve in Oslo

Christmas Day spent on Norefjell has become a tradition to us

Back in Bcn to welcome the new year


Got our selfie-game on point at Sutton – NYE

Leyla visiting from Stockholm


Ready to hit the road again – this time off to London


Piccadilly Circus


We ended our trip with a an amazing meal at Nobu Berkeley St., wardrobe fuller – but a couple of pence poorer.

Besos, S


A couple of months ago, the first 100% organic restaurant opened in Spain with a certificate which verifies that everything that comes in is 100% organic, even the cutleries! Organic’s restaurant is a new restaurant concept that integrates the health benefits of organic food with the taste of Mediterranean recipes. I got invited there for lunch to check it out and it took me by surprise. Centrally located at Plaça d’Urquinaona, slow-fast food and tasty at an affordable price! Morning coffee, lunch or too lazy to cook dinner? Stop by or pick something up, it is really convenient, cozy place and friendly staff.

If you find eating healthy and clean a hassle and expensive, I highly recommend this place. Check out their FB page or

You can put together your own salad/sandwich/hot plate or order something standard

IMG_3537.JPGI had integral rice with tofu and vegetables: gluten/lactose free and vegetarian

Love, S




Last night was epic and I’m sad that Ann wasn’t there to enjoy it with me. Went to Small’s for some pre-drinks before we moved to a hell of a birthday party at Sutton with the sickest table service and live show. Imperial bottles of Ciroc lined up, Moët spilled out all over, live singer and outrageous people! They really know how to hook up an amazing party here!








– Beso, S



In many developing countries poverty is a known problem and this includes Vietnam. Even though it has improved greatly the last years, the problem still exists, and in our opinion, affects the children with potential the most. As girls with Vietnamese background, we want to spread awereness and support this project.

This fall, BIK BOK in corporation with PLAN International committed to a 3 yr project to improve a primary school in Ba Tang & A Doi Communes in Vietnam.
You can read more about the project on: and feel free to contribute!


xoxo – A & S


I am (unwillingly) home in Norway again, after a way too short weekend in Barcelona. People usually come home from their mini-vacay fully rested, but not me. I am exhausted, haha. I haven’t fully recovered yet, even though I came home last night. This trip really confirms the fact why we named this blog “Sleepless in Barcelona” because trust me, the last thing you want to do in Barcelona is to sleep!

Although this trip was mostly pleasure, the real reason why I went to Barcelona, was because I was invited by a company I applied at. I had a Skype-interview with them a couple of weeks back, and they decided to bring me to Barcelona for a proper presentation of the company and an onsite interview. Obviously, I couldn’t say no when the company offered to expense my visit. This trip has made me even more buzzed about moving, because honestly, I have had some doubts about moving. Mostly because I slowly started to realize some of the things that I’m leaving behind, but as for now, I couldn’t be more sure.

The company I applied at has this UH-MAZING office and I don’t want to get my hopes up, in case they come down crashing and burning, haha, but I do have a good feeling about this one.

So, not gonna write too much, rather just letting the pictures speak for themselves.









Endless nights of dinner-parties and VIP guestlists with free tableservice. Hola!

– xoxo, A


Why would I leave sunny, +15 degrees Bcn and go to Oslo where there is going over to negative and snowing right now. The answer is simple, Oslo is my ground zero. I just went for a long weekend and had a blast, besides from the weather, I had it all! It is weird how you appreciate things more when it is not that available, like my family and not to mention, my mom’s food!!! My friends, my apartment, and driving car in a city you know! I guess I’ve learned to appreciate what I have, before it turns into something I had.
We went and ate at two of my favourite restaurants in Oslo; Mr. Bay which is a fine dining asian fusion on Tjuvholmen, and People’s which is a cosy bar with amazing burgers!

Now I am back with more exciting events to look forward to. My Swedish friend, Nicole, is coming on Thursday for a short visit, that is going to kick-ass! And there is more, but Ann is going to have the pleasure to announce that. Stay tuned 😉

bildeLate Sunday breakfast at People’s

– Besos, S