by sleeplessinbcn

Barcelona offers a variety of opportunities to laugh, dance, eat, drink, network, learn, and the list goes on. When I was served an offer to move here I didn’t have to think twice about this, I got a couple of weeks to pack my “life” into some suitcases and after 3h flight I moved to Barcelona.
Yes, I’ve lived in Far Away Land before, but this is different. I’ve always had more time to ponder over the matter and plan way ahead in advance.

Alone I was, but it didn’t take me much time to recognize what the Capital of Cataluña had planned for me. People here are extremely extrovert, making it impossible not to make friends, local or international. A run at sunrise or sunset by the beach, priceless! Glad I bought new ASICS, because the restaurants are lining up to serve a foodie like me. When I finally made it up to Tibidabo and the Bunkers, my jaw dropped! And the nights out here are never-ending, which has given me countless of sleepless nights. I like to tell myself that I can sleep when I get old. I’m just taking chances, making the moments matter and enjoying while I can.
This journey is about to be taken to another level, my partner in crime will be continuing it with me – stay tuned!

One morning I couldn’t get more sleep, I went out and caught the sunrise at 6 am.

– Besos, S