by sleeplessinbcn

When I first came to Barcelona I didn’t speak a word Spanish, and guess what, you actually don’t need to either. You do get around here fine with some short, Spanish phrases and your English. It’s an international metropolis and people will try to help either way. That being said, you will definitely benefit from speaking Spanish here. I’ve always wanted to learn a new language and now living in Spain is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Trying to pick up Spanish on your own in Barcelona does not come without obstacles. Catalan is the official language here in Barcelona together with Castellano. In the beginning I tried to pick up words from signs I saw in the streets, on the metro, in the menu, you get the point, and most of the time I was actually picking up Catalan words. I didn’t know before a friend told me that often you would see Catalan prioritized before Castilian, and I wonder if it’s actually regulated by the law. I find it a little frustrating cause I see no use of it, but on the other hand there are more people speaking Catalan than Norwegian!

Getting to my point, I finally started on a Spanish course and have had a couple of lessons now. A friend recommended the place, I signed up and now I am kind of back on the school bench. I am having so much fun learning and stimulating, I will be speaking fluently Spanish in no time. I wish at least, aim high they say!

Here’s the link to the school I’m attending: http://www.entiendesbarcelona.com/ I highly recommend it, the teacher is proficient and I am having fun while learning.

– xoxo, S