by sleeplessinbcn

Unless you have parents who sit on a shitload of money and are able to support you through your entire stay in Barcelona, you will obviously need a job. As for me, operation finding a job is in full speed! So, let’s get down to the details of my quest of finding a job as a Norwegian, with very little to non-existing Spanish of any form (I’m working on that matter, btw).

First of all, the job market in Barcelona for native speakers of any language other than Spanish is incredible, BUT also limited. What I mean by that is simply, when you don’t speak a word Spanish, you will have to settle for a job that requires your own native language or/and fluent English as your primary communicating language. That include jobs like customer service agent, sales representative or something similar, where you will be working towards a specific market. In other words, you will have to stick with what you already know. But do not be discouraged, even though there are not much variation to the actual positions, you will be surprised over the fact that many of the companies, who are looking for native speaking employees, often are big (with a capital B) and may I add, very respectable companies. So if you’re still young and have yet to figure out what you want to do in life, but in the meantime want to gain some serious international work experiences, I would say Barcelona is the key that could possibly open many doors in the future.

As a foreigner looking for jobs in Spain, the most reasonable thing to do, is to apply through international recruiting agencies, because chances are, they’ve already been through the same process a thousand times before and know exactly what to do, to save you, the applicant and their client, the company a lot of time and effort. Time is money! They will be the ones responsible for recruiting and presenting you to their client, which is very likely a known company you’ve already heard of. There are countless of these agencies located in Barcelona, such as Bluselection, Talent Search People and Multilingual Careers, to mention a few.

I’ve been very lucky to have Sara as my “mentor”. I can’t even begin to describe how much of a big help she has been through this whole process, but don’t worry if you don’t have anyone to guide you through it all. The agencies pretty much handle all the work for you, you just have to show up on the interviews (which will most likely take place on Skype) and kick some ass!

It’s been about three weeks since I started sending out my resume. Needless to say, since native Norwegian speakers are pretty rare in Barcelona, I have been contacted a few times and have already done two interviews. I don’t want to reveal anything, as nothing is certain yet, but I do have some very exciting news to share, so stay tuned!

Skjermbilde 2014-10-29 kl. 09.43.52
Sara and I having our morning coffee while she gives me some moral support, moments before my last interview. Side by side, or miles apart. We are connected by blood!


– xoxo, A