by sleeplessinbcn

In regards to the nightlife in Bcn, network is key. Well, it really depends on your preferences, but if you’re like Ann and I, who from time to time enjoy fancy meals and hitting the hottest clubs in the town, you will benefit from knowing the right people and promoters. Mingling and networking, jump into it! I’ve made great friends and even some respectable clients by just being curious and mingling. Having the right connections in Barcelona invites you to dine free, skip the endless queues, private parties and VIP tables filled with bottles at the hottest clubs – at no expense! The promoters love to host you, it is their job! And to be honest, I enjoy going out without spending a single cent, why not? One of my best friends here works for the most trendy spots in town and can really cook up some good parties.

The choices are many, whether you want to go for drinks and do some bar hopping or go out with your friends and dance. Down by Barceloneta you have clubs lined up for you, Bestial, Opium, CDLC, Pacha and more. Going further you have the W with Eclipse on the 26th with an amazing view. Table behind the DJ, sipping on some Dom Perignon and dancing while you’re mesmerized by the view! One of my favourite places to go out clubbing is probably in Calle Tuset, a small street with great restaurants to start your night and then continue with pre-drinks at Small’s before ending the night at either Bling or Sutton.

Last Saturday we started our night adventure at Zebra. Dinner here starts LATE, table was booked for 11pm, but as Spanish residents we arrived at 11.30pm, which is acceptable. The food was amazing, some tapas and one of the best Ceviche I had until now! The Floor Manager invited us for some Caramel-Vodka shots after the meal, not my favourite but it was generous of him. Then we skipped pre-drinks and went directly to Sutton where our table was just ready for us, I had a blast! Get in touch if you want tips on restaurants, skip the lines and join the VIP’s at the hottest clubs in Bcn!

sleeplessFood from Zebra and our tables at Sutton, keep them bottles coming! 

– Besos, S