by sleeplessinbcn

Why would I leave sunny, +15 degrees Bcn and go to Oslo where there is going over to negative and snowing right now. The answer is simple, Oslo is my ground zero. I just went for a long weekend and had a blast, besides from the weather, I had it all! It is weird how you appreciate things more when it is not that available, like my family and not to mention, my mom’s food!!! My friends, my apartment, and driving car in a city you know! I guess I’ve learned to appreciate what I have, before it turns into something I had.
We went and ate at two of my favourite restaurants in Oslo; Mr. Bay which is a fine dining asian fusion on Tjuvholmen, and People’s which is a cosy bar with amazing burgers!

Now I am back with more exciting events to look forward to. My Swedish friend, Nicole, is coming on Thursday for a short visit, that is going to kick-ass! And there is more, but Ann is going to have the pleasure to announce that. Stay tuned 😉

bildeLate Sunday breakfast at People’s

– Besos, S