by sleeplessinbcn

I am (unwillingly) home in Norway again, after a way too short weekend in Barcelona. People usually come home from their mini-vacay fully rested, but not me. I am exhausted, haha. I haven’t fully recovered yet, even though I came home last night. This trip really confirms the fact why we named this blog “Sleepless in Barcelona” because trust me, the last thing you want to do in Barcelona is to sleep!

Although this trip was mostly pleasure, the real reason why I went to Barcelona, was because I was invited by a company I applied at. I had a Skype-interview with them a couple of weeks back, and they decided to bring me to Barcelona for a proper presentation of the company and an onsite interview. Obviously, I couldn’t say no when the company offered to expense my visit. This trip has made me even more buzzed about moving, because honestly, I have had some doubts about moving. Mostly because I slowly started to realize some of the things that I’m leaving behind, but as for now, I couldn’t be more sure.

The company I applied at has this UH-MAZING office and I don’t want to get my hopes up, in case they come down crashing and burning, haha, but I do have a good feeling about this one.

So, not gonna write too much, rather just letting the pictures speak for themselves.









Endless nights of dinner-parties and VIP guestlists with free tableservice. Hola!

– xoxo, A