by sleeplessinbcn

Busy, busy, busy..that is a lame excuse, so let’s change it into prioritize, prioritize, prioritize instead!
What I am trying to say is that Ann and I have been prioritizing different lately and that has made us too occupied to update here. Anyways, we’re back!

Let’s start with the biggest event so far for the both of us here in Bcn, we just moved to our own place! Gosh, apartment-hunting is a pain, but it is finally over! Cozy, refurbished, 2 bedrooms in the middle of the city, 2 min walk to Paseo de Gracia and my office (fortunate for me :D), everything is starting to fall into place.
Pues, a new apartment is not just all bliss and peace, moving all the stuff that I have managed to accumulate during the last year, the cleaning and not to mention THE trip to Ikea! It is quite stressfull, costly, tiresome, but I think we’re finally in a good place and all this effort and money spent was all worth it!
Ann and I have been living together in the past and we have (almost in a creepy way ) the same mindset. I believe this will work at just perfect and can’t ask for a better “roommate”.



Saludos, S